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5-year 100% AAA Canadian Dried Ginseng Roots (1lb bag) *LIMITED EDITION*

5-year 100% AAA Canadian Dried Ginseng Roots (1lb bag) *LIMITED EDITION*

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Introducing 100% AAA Canadian Ginseng - 1 lb of top-grade 5-year roots, grown naturally in Vittoria, Ontario. Experience the full potential of ginseng with our 5-year-old roots, which contain higher levels of the active compounds gintonin and ginsenosides. These compounds are responsible for the various health benefits ginseng is known for such as increased energy, improved cognitive function, immune support, and stress reduction. As ginseng ages, it becomes more potent and effective, making our 5-year-old ginseng a superior choice for those looking to optimize their wellness.

Meticulously hand-selected and dried on our family farmland, our ginseng has been the highest quality for over 25 years. Experience the power of ginseng by incorporating it into your daily routine in various ways, such as brewing tea, adding it to soups, or using it in cooking. Try it now and feel the difference in your overall health and wellness.

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