100% AAA Canadian Ginseng Liquid Extract With Vitamin B And Ginkgo Biloba

Get ready to supercharge your day with DF Energy - our award-winning pure ginseng liquid extract sachet! Winner of the 2022 Grocery Speciality Food West Conference and Expo, "Best New Nutraceutical" TOP 10 Award, this product is the perfect addition to your busy and active lifestyle. Made from the highest quality ginseng root harvested at our farm, this potent liquid extract helps your body handle stress and fight fatigue, while promoting cognitive function and immune system health. Tear open a sachet and add it to your favorite beverage, or drink it straight for a healthy boost of pure ginseng power. Try it now and experience the innovative power of this natural wonder for yourself!

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About us

Discover the power of 100% AAA Canadian Ginseng with Dan’s Farmaroot! Our brand is committed to bringing you the finest ginseng in North America, straight from our very own farms located in the picturesque town of Vittoria, Ontario. For over 25 years, we’ve been cultivating the highest-quality ginseng with an unmatched level of quality control.

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Dan’s Farmaroot brand comes directly from our farm and our farm only. Most nutraceutical
companies purchase their ingredients from different sources. Ours will always be our own. If our holographic seal is on the product, that’s pure Dan’s Farmaroot ginseng.

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